If you'd like to get a great deal on a quality used auto part in California simply find a junkyard closest to you and give them a call or you can fill out a part request here and allow multiple vendors bid on your request.

Junk Yards in American canyon, California

Name: Quality Auto Parts of California
City: American-canyon, California
Phone: (800) 918-3715

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Phone: (707)255-1437
Address : 5759 NAPPA VALLEY HIGHWAY 29
Fax : (707)2551281
Email : Goldseal@Pacificautosalvage.com

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American Canyon was formerly known as Napa Junction, perhaps because the Napa River runs to the west and one of its tributaries, American Canyon Creek, runs through the city itself. The river is not the only geographical wonder to grace American Canyon: to the east are the Sulfur Springs Mountain foothills and Vallejo and Solano County at the south. The Napa County Airport and vineyards can be found in the north. American Canyon has a population of 19,454 people according to the 2010 census and it is part of the San Francisco Bay Area.


Whether youíre an American native or a lucky tourist partaking in an envious road trip across the home of the free and land of the brave, American Canyon is a city well worth exploring. Arguably the best way to explore America is by hiring a car and taking to the roads yourself, rather than paying for a coach tour. You could purchase a cheap vehicle and scout the American Canyon salvage yards for some cheap parts to your car to assist in its running ability. There are also American Canyon auto parts available in stores or yards, allowing you to purchase various components to your newly acquired American car. After all, if you pick one up cheap the chances are itíll be in need of some fixing up, and if you know your way around a car itís a good way to do the machine up and make the holiday even more a trip of involvement and passion.


American Canyon junk yards are also a great place to find some low-cost parts and also an ideal way to meet some like-minded locals. If youíre the friendly sort, you could make a new friend or two to help in your new hobby and have a few drinks with in the evening.


Once the car is sorted, you can roll down the windows, turn the radio up, and explore America the way it was supposed to be explored.


American canyon, California has the used auto parts for an affordable price so that you can get your car back functional in no time. In American canyon we have multiple recycling facilities to get the part you need. No don't think "junkyard" when you find some of our facilities. These part shops carry used OEM parts just like the ones that came on your car new.

In American canyon you have the option to either drive around town all day looking for a part and then not knowing whether you are getting a sale price or a inflated price. Our American canyon salvage yards directory allows you find the part you need by either calling each facility or you can submit a part request and sit back and wait on the yards to contact you directly with a quote.