If you'd like to get a great deal on a quality used auto part in California simply find a junkyard closest to you and give them a call or you can fill out a part request here and allow multiple vendors bid on your request.

Junk Yards in Sacramento, California

Name: Quality Auto Parts of California
City: Sacramento, California
Phone: (800) 918-3715

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City: SACRAMENTO 95828
Phone: (916)3888350
Address : 5920 OUTFALL CIRCLE
Fax : (916)3888356

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Name: Fruitridge Auto Parts & Repair
City: SACRAMENTO 95826
Phone: (916)386-2470
Address : 8842 Fruitridge Road
Fax : (916)3888356

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This article is actually about Sacramento junk yards, Sacramento salvage yards and Sacramento auto parts; however, before knowing about the yards in Sacramento, a little information about the city itself may be helpful or enriching, depending on how much you need or want to know about the city when you search for a yard there. 

What is Sacramento?

Sacramento, not Los Angeles or San Diego or San Francisco, is the capital of California (something that a number of  those who live outside of the state may not even know). It is also the fifth largest city in the state, and it is located in the north-central region of the state. Sacramento has a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities, earning it the position as the 23rd most "fun" city in the United States, including many sporting activities, museums and theatres. 

A Brief Comparison of Sacramento with other US Cities

Sacramento, compared to other cities in the US of similar size and other cities in California, has high ratings of racial diversity, public transportation and commuting via walking and biking, number of studio and one-bedroom rentals, affordability of property taxes and average household size, indicating that it is a relatively residentially friendly city that has made efforts in promoting healthy lifestyles in its inhabitants (this is, of course, a very simple inference).  However, Sacramento has not scored so well in wealth compared to its peers and the state, indicating that Sacramento has a poverty issue, and although its crime rating is relatively low, the city does have crime, and this is linked to the relative poverty in the city.

Now Onto the Junk Yards

In Sacramento, there are 69 firms classified as salvage/junk yards listed on the News10 Directory website, and only a handful of these (7 in total) are within the Sacramento city limits and are exclusively termed as "Salvage and Junk Yards". Some named examples of Sacramento junk yards and Sacramento salvage yards that are exclusively under the junk/salvage yard classification, and are officially stated to be in Sacramento include the following: Salvage Brian, Ace Auto Wrecking, High Point Salvage, A 51 Auto Recycling, Sweden Auto Warehouse, Total Tire Recycling and ABHS Auto Recycling.

Sacramento, California has the used auto parts for an affordable price so that you can get your car back functional in no time. In Sacramento we have multiple recycling facilities to get the part you need. No don't think "junkyard" when you find some of our facilities. These part shops carry used OEM parts just like the ones that came on your car new.

In Sacramento you have the option to either drive around town all day looking for a part and then not knowing whether you are getting a sale price or a inflated price. Our Sacramento salvage yards directory allows you find the part you need by either calling each facility or you can submit a part request and sit back and wait on the yards to contact you directly with a quote.