If you'd like to get a great deal on a quality used auto part in California simply find a junkyard closest to you and give them a call or you can fill out a part request here and allow multiple vendors bid on your request.

Junk Yards in Tracy, California

Name: Quality Auto Parts of California
City: Tracy, California
Phone: (800) 918-3715

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City: TRACY 95376
Phone: (209)8330418
Address : 2520 WEST BYRON ROAD
Fax : (209)8330462
Email : sales@pcautoparts.com

Current Yard Rating!!

In the mid nineteen century, the building of the Central Pacific Railroad line was closely associated with the beginnings of Tracy.  Several small communities emerged along the railway lines to support the railroad's needs for labor and services. Tracy had a very swift growth, and flourished as an agricultural region despite the lessening in the  railroad's economic dominance during the 1950s. The 1980s was a time of growth for Tracy’s growth as families migrated to the area in search of a quieter lifestyle and less expensive housing. Several companies sought out Tracy  for transportatoin and distribution facilities, allowing Tracy's economic growth to continue steadily. These distribution facilities still remain integral to Tracy's development, even as these distribution centers set their sights toward expansion to Silicon Valley through higher technologically based companies.

Your Stay with Tracy

The Dry Bean Festival is by far the biggest annual event held in Tracy. This event began in 1987, where it was held in the early parts of August. Tracy bills itself as the “Dry Bean Capital of the World," drawing the attention of thousands of patrons during the Dry Bean Festival, now held on the second weekend of September. Tourists visiting the city during the Dry Bean Fesival can immerse themselves in  renowned collection of aged photos, artifacts, clothing and articles provided by the knowledgable festival volunteers.

Salvaging Tracy

Tracy holds many salvage yards and auto parts dealers, such as The Tracy Group, which carries a vast array of used auto parts, headlamps, engines, accessories etc. These aumotive parts are on a par with the best of brand new OEM auto parts, sold for fraction of the cost of unused parts while maintaining the integrity of the parts being sold. Salvaging is made simpler via online purchasing. The parts can then be either delivered or collected on site.

Tracy, California has the used auto parts for an affordable price so that you can get your car back functional in no time. In Tracy we have multiple recycling facilities to get the part you need. No don't think "junkyard" when you find some of our facilities. These part shops carry used OEM parts just like the ones that came on your car new.

In Tracy you have the option to either drive around town all day looking for a part and then not knowing whether you are getting a sale price or a inflated price. Our Tracy salvage yards directory allows you find the part you need by either calling each facility or you can submit a part request and sit back and wait on the yards to contact you directly with a quote.