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Junk Yards in Twentynine palms, California

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City: Twentynine-palms, California
Phone: (800) 918-3715

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   Twentynine Palms, California, situated in San Bernardino County, is fifty-nine miles northeast of Hemet, California (center to center) and seventy-seven miles east of Riverside, California. It is a mountainous and desert area, and is home to such places as Joshua Tree National Park and the US Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Centre,  Twentynine Palms. Its location in the Mojave desert in Southern California has resulted in some rather extreme temperatures. A record high of 119 degrees Fahrenheit was reached on July 17, 2005 and a record low of nine degrees Fahrenheit on December 23, 1990.

   The city is home to approximately 25,000 people. Fifty-five percent of the adults in the city are married and children are plentifull, so much so that if you don't have any you might feel as if you don't fit in. More males make up the population than females. At least forty-four percent of the residents in this city own their own homes. It is possible in Twentynine Palms to own a home without having to pay excessively high property taxes. The city presents quite an interesting housing mix, which includes some units that are used solely for seasonal or vacation purposes. You can also find, if it is your desire, a comfortable and inexpensive apartment for rental there.

   Ninety-two percent of the individuals in Twentynine Palms drive to work. This explains that auto parts sales and repairs are a thriving industry in Twentynine Palms, as commuters and transportation providers require such services for the upkeep of their well-used vehicles. To get parts at a reasonable price, visiting Twentynine Palms salvage yards and Twentynine Palms junk yards is an absolute must. They provide you with reliable services and, as mentioned before, reasonable prices. They also provide convenience to residents so they don't need to travel very far to get their auto parts supplies.

Twentynine palms, California has the used auto parts for an affordable price so that you can get your car back functional in no time. In Twentynine palms we have multiple recycling facilities to get the part you need. No don't think "junkyard" when you find some of our facilities. These part shops carry used OEM parts just like the ones that came on your car new.

In Twentynine palms you have the option to either drive around town all day looking for a part and then not knowing whether you are getting a sale price or a inflated price. Our Twentynine palms salvage yards directory allows you find the part you need by either calling each facility or you can submit a part request and sit back and wait on the yards to contact you directly with a quote.